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A Retro Style Spun Cotton Bat Girl Comes to Life!

 It's been quite a while since my last blog post (especially sharing anything I've created!). It's been a busy, busy summer and I've also been learning more and more about the business side of things (including how to use Pinterest wisely for business - I love Pinterest so the extra work is worth it). Don't get me wrong though, there's been lots of creating going on too!

Since I'm no longer on Instagram, I have to remind myself to take work-in-progress photos on occasion to share with my subscribers...but I want to be better about doing so on my blog, as well.

So, first up.....a retro style bat girl ornament

I think she's my largest ornament, so far..?? I had her in mind for a bit since I'd really like to try a few large spun cotton dolls and she's not far off from one. I started with her base which consists of lots of wire, foil, cotton and thread.  

hand holding an armature base covered in white cotton; cotton and cotton batting are in the background, on a white table

Her face, hairdo, and adding shape to her body was next. The bump of her nose was later flattened out slightly. The bandit mask and bat cape slowly came alive thanks to cotton batting. 

Hand holding a spun cotton bat girl work in progress, with bat winged cape, plastic spider, black cotton batting, and bandit mask in the background.

Now where the real fun begins for me..paint! I especially love working on faces. It can be challenging (and sometimes I have to start over - eeek), but it can be so rewarding when things come together! 

Close up of spun cotton bat girl's face and torso - paint in the background

Anddddd....here she is completed! Her cape got a coating of black German glass glitter, and a dark blue ribbon ties it on nicely at her neck. She also holds a little bat friend (in a bow tie, of course), who dangles upside down from her hand.
Spun cotton bat girl ornament standing with assistance on Halloween confetti, next to a spun cotton pumpkin, against a white background.


My only wish is that I'd added more freckles after she got her bandit mask, since it covered up so many of them. But overall, I love her!

Close up of spun cotton bat girl's face, wearing a bandit mask, against a white background.


She sold immediately once I shared her in my newsletter, but if you'd like to see more pictures check out her listing. Or see what other Halloween listings I have in my collection. 

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Bye for now! 

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