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Some of my spun cotton ornaments & sculptures that have found forever homes! 

spun cotton witch ornament, with blonde hair and wearing bandit mask two spun cotton ghost girl ornaments, laying on a pink background, next to pieces of candy corn spun cotton Halloween butterfly, holding jack-o-lantern bucket and hanging from tree spun cotton Halloween butterfly girl, holding pumpkin bucket and hanging from tree spun cotton witch sculpture, with jack-o-lantern and black cat spun cotton black cat sitting in jack-o-lantern, in front of another pumpkin spun cotton Frankenstein bust ornament, sitting on Halloween confetti spun cotton skeleton sculpture, holding candy corn and laying in a gift box with white tissue shredding spun cotton black cat sculpture, wearing and orange silk sari scrap collar and a bell spun cotton ghost girl ornament, on pink background with Halloween confetti spun cotton witch wearing purple dress and holding paper jack'o'lantern spun cotton pig and jack-o-lantern sculpture spun cotton owl sitting on moon ornament spun cotton owl sitting on jack-o-lantern Halloween ornament spun cotton skeleton with spider bust ornament spun cotton skeleton with bird ornament spun cotton skeleton holding jack-o-lantern bucket, held by hand spun cotton snowman wearing blue velvet bow tie and holding jingle bells spun cotton snowman wearing a pink velvet bow and holding bottle brush Christmas tree spun cotton pine cone gnome ornament, holding mushroom and standing in front of bottle brush Christmas trees spun cotton pine cone gnome wearing olive green wool felt hat with bell two spun cotton Santa head ornaments with robins sitting on their hats spun cotton pink sheep ornament, standing on snow in front of mini bottle brush trees spun cotton robin wearing birthday hat and sitting on green wool ball spun cotton panda wearing birthday hat and holding yellow balloon spun cotton woolly sheep birthday ornament, standing on yellow confetti spun cotton pinata sculpture, standing on yellow confetti spun cotton llama sculpture, standing on yellow confetti with a paper sun in background close up of spun cotton skunk holding flower in mouth spun cotton butterfly girl, hanging on white tree  spun cotton bunny sitting in cabbage  spun cotton bunny sitting on blue mushroom, hanging from white tree spun cotton brown woolly sheep ornament hand holding four spun cotton pink and orange woolly sheep