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Growing as an Artist

Wow, it's been some time since my last blog post! I've been feeling extra inspired this year and blogging about it felt right, so here we are!

In January I shared my creative goals for 2023 and I didn't anticipate anything changing so soon, but as most of us know - nothing is ever set in stone when you're a creative! Around March or so I got an itch to return to drawing. I'd been drawing for a couple of years, off and on, until late last year when life (and a bit of covid) got in the way.

Drawing, as an adult, has always been the most intimidating art form for me. I find that funny since I drew with abandon through my childhood! I still have drawings from when I was just a few years old and I took all the art classes that I was able to until I graduated from high school. It was ingrained in me, a part of me. And I loved every minute of it.

Yet, though I got my creative fix in other ways as an adult (sewing, clay, mosaics, soap and candle making, needle felting - all very much right around the early days of the internet; am I showing my age yet?) I didn't start drawing again for almost 20 years. Twenty years! I'd see illustrators and envy them, but just knew that wasn't something I had the "natural talent" to do (I obviously forgot that it's about consistent practice and honing your skills!). 

Anyway, back to present day when I randomly came across this wonderful animation by Danny Gregory of The Sketchbook School and it really hit me in the feels. And got me moving. I haven't stopped drawing since (everything about that channel, and Danny's newsletter, is motivating, by the way)! 

I recently decided it was probably a good idea to refresh myself with the basics, so I'm learning about the fundamentals of art again. That means lots of practice with things that aren't as fun for me, but are very important for getting to where I'd like to be one day. A big thank to Mimi Chao for making this process so much more enjoyable! 

I'm using pencil a lot lately, but also enjoying drawing in ink, especially when it comes to drawing challenges (a Uni Pin Fineliner is my go-to). I like it because I can't obsess about mistakes or erase them. I just have to move on.  

A few things went wonky with this lovely Edwardian girl, who I drew from a photo (especially her eyes and hat - sidenote: this was before the above foundations class!). But again, I persevered and finished her regardless. Then I MOVED ON. 

ink pen drawing of an Edwardian girl

I'm also currently filling one of my sketchbooks with lots and lots of cute and interesting faces. 

A pencil drawing of a girl in a blouse with a tied bow at her neck

I'd like to keep my illustrations very close to the style of my spun cotton creations, where I can really bring each one to life and make my own little world filled with vintage style little ones and nostalgic moments (especially for holidays, like Halloween and Christmas). Drawing can open SO many doors, so I'm excited to see where this can take me! 

A pencil drawing of a cat sitting in a jack-o-lantern


A pencil drawing of a vintage style girl with a bob and a bow in her hair

Speaking of spun cotton, I'm going back and drawing all of my spun cotton creations that I've created through the years. I thought it'd be fun to have a record of them and it's a great way to work on my style. 


pencil drawings in a sketchbook of pumpkin people and a Frankenstein

I'm also experimenting with what I like best when using colour - so that means lots and lots of paint and coloured pencils at the moment (the Santa on the left is based on a Santa ornament that a lovely friend sent me!). 

ink and coloured pencil drawings of a Santa ornament and angel in a sketchbook

And don't worry, my spun cotton makes will keep coming. If anything, this will just strengthen those skills as well! I plan to continue to create my ornaments this year, but they may come a little slower than usual while I make drawing more of a priority. 
Thanks so much for your patience during this part of my creative journey. Hopefully it results in wonderful things! 

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Take care, friends - sending encouragement your way in whatever creative pursuits you'd like to dive into! 



  • Thank you so much, Sharon! I never imagined I’d be ready to brave it again this year, but you just never know when the inspiration will strike. I’m having fun and enjoying the process! By the way, the girl with the bob cut reminds me of my mom, aunt, and Grandma when they were young, too. That’s why she’s a fave of mine! :)

  • I absolutely love these drawings, and your history with art! I especially love the cat and pumpkin, and the girl below with the bob haircut reminds me of a photo of my Mum at that age. 💜 Learning and growing is fun! I hope you keep enjoying the process. 🥰


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