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We've All Got to Start Somewhere..

On occasion I've been asked if I would consider doing a tutorial on how I make my spun cotton ornaments. Typically if anyone messages me I'll give the basics, and help as much as I can. But as far as a tutorial..ehh, I'm just not comfortable. 

One reason is that I'm still continuously learning myself! The more I've experimented, the more I've found an easier (or different) way of doing something. Spun cotton tutorials are fairly difficult to find online, so I think most of us (fellow spun cotton artists) have done lots of experimenting to get where we are today. And I still consider myself a newbie. :) 

I'm always more than happy to share the one tutorial that got me started on my spun cotton journey, and excited to learn more on my own. That would be Smile Mercantile's How to Make Spun Cotton Mushrooms tutorial. It's very easy to follow with step by step photos (my favourite way to learn!). 

Remember, as with most art techniques, it takes TIME. I spent around 6 months playing and learning before I even shared some of my first spun cotton makes on Instagram. I still cringe looking at them, much less sharing, but we all have to start somewhere, right?

Here's my own first mushroom, thanks to that Smile Mercantile tutorial...

red spun cotton mushroom, held in hand

Yep. Does it look like the one in the tutorial? No. Far from it. But I completed it with little frustration and my head was filled with the endless possibilities! 

Here are some other first makes..

group shot of spun cotton ornaments - owl, fox, rainbow, mushroom and cat

Ouch (and I mean, really...how did the cat at the bottom become a Cheeto?). This is my first time sharing Cheeto cat - consider yourself lucky. Ha!

Here's a couple of my latest creations...

spun cotton pig and black cat, standing next to pumpkin

 Am I where I want to be? Nope. But that's also the fun of creating - you're always learning and growing!

If you'd rather purchase the shapes and focus your fun on painting and decorating, Smile Mercantile's shop has tons to get you started.

And of course, if you prefer to leave the creating to the artists, you can always find more in my shop. :) 

Until next time...


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