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Visits to Hill Top, Beatrix Potter's House

Beatrix Potter's house and front garden at Hill Top in Cumbria (with a white bunny sticker jumping across a pathway in the garden) 

As an artist, one of my favourite and most inspiring places to visit in England is Hill Top, a 17th-century farmhouse cottage and once the home of the beloved children's author and illustrator, Beatrix Potter.

Lucky me, I've visited Hill Top a few times since we're just a couple of hours away (and still look forward to our next visit -  so inspiring!). I thought it'd be fun to share some pictures from our times there. 

When you step inside the house the staff requests that you refrain from taking photos, so I don't have any to share with you (but can be found through a Google search).  Confession time: I'm actually happy when this happens since it gives me the chance to fully appreciate everything that I experience! 

The front of Beatrix Potter's house at Hill Top, covered in wisteria and striped red and white shades drawn halfway in the windows

It's beautiful and cosy in there, filled to the rim with Beatrix's collections (of which you can see pages and glorious pages of through the National Trust - scroll to the bottom for Hill Top), including a gorgeous dollhouse with the most intricate of miniatures. My personal fave inside is the window seat in her bedroom; you can just picture her overlooking the sheep on her farm while sketching or coming up with ideas for her next book!

Luckily the property is so charming that there's lots to photograph outside and around the village (I actually had to cut back BIG time on what I originally was going to share!).  The garden is beautiful and additions like the wooden wheelbarrow planter and open box of watercolours just add to the quaintness. 

flowers, a decorative wooden wheelbarrow, and open tin of watercolour paints in Beatrix Potter's Hill Top garden

Around the village you can see spots that inspired Beatrix so much that they were featured in her books.  

Buckle Yeat Guest House is one gorgeous example (the place is covered in colour with flowers - have I mentioned how much I adore spring in the UK?!). This lovely B&B is featured in The Tale of Tom Kitten, Pie & The Patty Pan and The Tale of Pigling Bland (as seen on the sign out front). My mom and I took lots of fun photos outside here! 

Buckle Yeat Guest House sign and building in Hill Top
Close up of sign on Buckle Yeat Guest House that claims it was featured in various Beatrix Potter books

This handy little map pointed out other important places in the village that we also searched out, like the Tower Bank Arms..

map of other places in the village that inspired Beatrix Potter

..and the old post office (below), featured in the Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan.

the old post office building, which was featured in some of Beatrix Potter's books

On the way out after one visit, I popped a postcard (for an Instagram friend/customer who's a huge Beatrix Potter fan) in "the" village post box also featured in her books.

Me putting a postcard in the same post box featured in Beatrix Potter's books

To end that day we stopped by the Beatrix Potter Gallery, nearby in Hawkshead, where her artwork is displayed (again, SO inspiring and just made me excited to get home and create!).

We practically had the place to ourselves, so could really take our time reading and taking it all in.

Perfect ending to another day of all things Beatrix Potter!

You can see more of the gallery collection, also through the National Trust .

Beatrix Potter's artwork and a quote from her journal, found at her gallery in Hawkshead

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