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Inspired: Anthropomorphic Fruit

I thought I might struggle with blog posts ideas for spring and summer since I can talk all day about Halloween and Christmas (my two favourite holidays), but get stuck when it comes to the rest of the year. Fortunately, inspiration hit hard recently and I thought I'd blog about it!

Anthropomorphic fruit is where inspiration has led me (aka fruit people, if you're like me..who didn't learn this term until a few years ago). Anthropomorphic (such a fun word to type over and over and over..haha) means the attribution of human characteristics to animals or other non-human things (including objects, plants, etc).

I obviously incorporate that in a lot of my work, and have for years when I was needle felting animals. But I see myself getting braver when it comes to working with spun cotton. I gave mushrooms a go last year, then attempted fruit. My first try with cherries just didn't work, so I set my eyes on transforming a plain spun cotton pear I'd made previously.


spun cotton anthropomorphic pear

I gave her a retro paper face and a butterfly friend. Cute! But I put any further attempts to the side for then.

Recently, I couldn't stop thinking about Victorian anthropomorphic fruit and veg illustrations I'd come across during my usual research for vintage inspiration. I'm usually most inspired by mid-century kitsch, but when it comes to fruit and vegetables my eye is drawn to the Victorian images. I love that they look like humans (limbs and all)...who just happen to be half fruit/veg.

Here's my take on an orange and peach - with more of a retro twist! 

spun cotton anthropomorphic orange and peach ornaments

These aren't the illustrations that inspired these two ornaments, but you get the idea. You can find these digital downloads at RecklessRosey . 

With my orange, I couldn't help but be inspired by vintage Florida orange crate labels in their pretty shades of blues and orange.

spun cotton anthropomorphic orange ornament

And my peach girl was begging for pretty rosy pink cheeks and an extra feminine touch. She's indeed, pretty as a peach! 

Spun cotton anthropomorphic peach ornament

Hopefully they're well received as I'd love to work on a dapper carrot man at some point (and I just might revisit those cherries!)

They're now available for adoption

Take care, friends!

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