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These Are a Few of My Favourite (Christmas!) Things...

I'm not sure how Christmas arrived so quickly, but after the year we've had I couldn't wait to deck our home for Christmas (can't we all use a bit of extra holiday cheer?).  Since Dave is still working from home he was just as keen to decorate, so our place was Christmas ready the day after Thanksgiving (which was our family tradition, growing up). There's just something about those white tree lights that are so calming (we even bought white rice lights for our houseplants!). 

Since we're talking Christmas and I have a weakness for all things vintage (and kitsch!), I thought I'd share a few of my favourite Christmas things. Unfortunately I had to leave a good bit in storage in the states when I moved to England (imagine having to pack your life in two suitcases - not easy!).

So I only have a small handful of items, but I treasure each dearly...

First up, my Gram's chenille Santa..

tiny vintage chenille Santa Claus

When my Gram passed, I found this little guy tucked away with a few brooches in a box. He's been part of my holiday decor since. I love him!

These angels. Swoon. 

two mid century style angel ornaments, standing side by side
Back view of two mid century style angel ornaments

I'm pretty sure the lovely girl on the left was found in a plastic bag of vintage craft supplies at a thrift store in Florida (something much more common in the states, I believe - I miss those baggies of great finds!). 

I picked up the glittery girl on the right just last year, from our village's charity shop. There was a suitcase full of ornaments to sift through, and it took quite a bit of digging before she appeared. She's missing her wings and is a wee bit tattered, but I couldn't resist bringing her home. She just makes me smile..

I saved the best for last. He's not as colourful and cute as the kitschy decor that usually catches my eye, but he still fills me with joy. This cardboard Santa has the most sentimental value to me because it was made by my Gram and her brother in 1923! He's about 14 inches tall and his arms and legs move. 

His boots started to fall off, so these adorable little socks were added to him in 1957 (big thanks to my Gram for writing the dates on the back!). Yes, they're two right feet, but I'm assuming they wanted the beautiful writing to show?

vintage Christmas socks on cardboard Santa

My mom kept him in a frame and displayed him every year at Christmas. I'm still looking for the right frame (and how on earth to properly display him). I really want him to shine bright! 

That's it, my friends..

I look forward to digging in more charity shop suitcases once this pandemic is finally over. Kitschmas is calling! Once I do, I'll be sure to share my finds with you. :)

By the way, I'm currently working on my own vintage inspired spun cotton angels. If they work out, you'll find them here with my other Christmas makes: 


Wish me luck! 

And thank you for all of your orders this year, I know it's been a rough one. I more than appreciate your support of my small business and hope my work has brought a bit of joy to each of you. 

Happy Holidays! 


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