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At the best of times, I'm nostalgic. But this year, with all of the chaos that has been 2020, I'm even more so! Growing up, one of my favourite holidays (as an '80s kid in America), was Halloween.

My fondest memories usually center around my earliest years, dressing up and hitting the neighborhood for a bit of trick-or-treating. Early on my mom would dress me up using her creative eye; in later years I would pick something popular that year, usually consisting of a plastic mask that I could barely breathe through, much less see! My little plastic jack-o-lantern bucket would be filled to the rim with sweets, and my sisters would help me count how many pieces I got that year. Pure bliss.

This year I've had more time than ever to sift through old photos, and those '80s Halloween photos were the inspiration behind my collection of spun cotton trick-or-treat ornaments:

There's still a few available, and more will be on the way since I've decided to make Halloween a year-round thing in my shop. There's just too many ideas I'd still like to bring to life, and they're fun, so why not? You can always find my Halloween makes here: 

Unfortunately, it's not easy to find vintage Halloween decor (my favourite) in the UK. But I recently found these stickers through the Vintage Journal Co  and was filled with glee! Every Halloween order will now arrive with one of these as an extra thank you. :)


Though I know Halloween will be looking far different than usual for most of us this year, I hope you still manage to find a bit of magic and fun in your day!

Happy Halloween!

Until next time...


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