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New Year, New Plans for 2024

 Hi friends...and Happy 2024 to you! 

Instead of trying to cram my creative plans for the year into a newsletter, I thought it'd be much easier to blog about it instead. So let's get to it!

First of all, if you're here for my spun cotton creations, no worries. That will remain top of the list! I plan on honing my skills as much as possible, but around Christmas I realised after making a couple of diorama ornaments (more on that below) that I really enjoy the challenge of working on small things. Most of that has centred around my butterfly girls, but it hit me that when creating dioramas I can expand on that. 

Dioramas create a scene, they can tell a story. I LOVE that. 

I felt an extra creative spark while creating them and I'm curious on where that could lead! 

I really enjoyed the two I made at Christmas (this little guy mushroom hunting was my first).


a spun cotton snowman inside of a paper mache diorama ornament, next to a green bottlebrush tree

   I also have a few paper mache eggs that I can *finally* put to use.

a work-in-progress photo of white paper mache egg dioramas and paper butterflies on a white background.

You may remember that I also returned to drawing on a more consistent basis, something I wrote about last summer. I've actually been spending most of that time learning how to draw digitally, too. To say it's a bit of a learning curve for me is an understatement - ha! But I'm slowly getting a hang of it all. 

 A big goal of mine at the moment is to *one day* illustrate scenes that could be straight out of a children's old storybook. Vintage style, nostalgic. 

For now, I feel like I can bring some of those ideas to life through spun cotton dioramas. Baby steps!

These are just a couple drawings of some of my spun cotton creations that I've brought to life through the digital illustration app, Procreate. These snowmen may look familiar, especially if you've given a spun cotton version of one a home!

a digital drawing of a group of vintage style snowmen
a vintage style digital drawing of a black cat sitting in a jack-o-lantern against a light pink background
For those who are patiently waiting for my year-round Halloween makes to begin..I'm also slowly starting on those. So stay tuned!

Of course, these plans may change as time goes by. Last year I planned on creating sheep to sell only in my Etsy shop, but realised soon enough how nearly impossible it was to create enough makes for there and my website..without also losing my mind (ha!). So with the year ahead, I plan on keeping busy while also being kind to myself. 

Do you have any goals or plans for the new year? Or do you let things flow and happen as they may?

If you're new here, welcome! I hope my creations bring a bit of joyful nostalgia (or at least a smile!) your way. 

If you've been around for a while, I appreciate all of your support and encouragement through the years. Thank you so much for continuing to stick around through my creative journey! 



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